direct for riot and their sht company

yeah so I got permanently banned but tell me for what ? I got banned for asking my team to report the toxic person or the person who was autofilled and banned my yasuo after that picked Tarik ? or I got banned for telling my team what to do and when to go baron, push, dragon , get out of jungle and start playing, I don't want u to unban my account wich was unfair banned, just go in my match history and run the games where I played zed and leblanc just see what was tryndamere from my team talking and just see what Tarik did in champ select, what they talked in game or see the game where I played zed and look master yi u can see that in the game he is not getting out of jungle/ afk sists in base or only farms in jg while we fight, is this somehow fair ? if u want really the system to work just watch match history and see who was right, u system sucks so much I cant play this bullshit but im addicted and I cant leave, I know I will one day leave this stupid game, do u know how much people are getting hurt by ur ban system ? when they are right but they get banned for saying stuff like "report tryndamere so toxic" or "master yi didn't got out of jg that's why we lost" so we are not allowed to talk we are all so triggered by ur system, u are riot only going for the money , lets say streamers, they trashtalk for the person life on cam and they don't get banned bcs they didn't said in chat, or even if they say they are good beacouse they play ur game and get a lot of views so they give u more popularity one day get karma for the selfishness u just make skins, make the map look cooler add the same missions again and again and get a lot of money because we are addicted u are all so unfair, u cant even fix the game, u cant make ur system ban the toxic players and the trolls, u ban someone for spamming?????????????????????????????
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