time for riot to clean their game

In just 6 games I had : -2 inters (0/7 top at 16 mins, 2 towers bot lost at 14mins ) -2 inters (1/10, 3/9) -1 inter (1/14) -1 inter (3/11 with DIANA the champ that just needs to press 1 button to kill) -1 bad team who feeds -1 feeder who goes afk... She fed a Diana, and, oh what a surprise, that diana went 20/3 unlike the one riot gave me. That game has become absolutely impossible to play. Riot made me lose a game when I was 11/2. You just start farming and your team has already hard fed the noobest champs who only need to press 1 button to kill you. In these conditions, skill doesn't matter. Either you get the right team, or you get 3 problems who make it impossible to win. And what the %%%% %%%% does? NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. I have reported all of them. I even opened tickets for the most obvious, with videos proofs. All those people are still playing. Even one who clearly wrote "kill yourself". Fkcn joke, that's what this game has become. 100% luck like the lottery but no price to win.
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