Contrary to popular belief Kills do NOT actually mean skill!

So having just played two very unpleasant ranked matches I though I would post about an issue that came up in both of them. Now unless you are playing as the ADC, if you are wondering why your team is losing when your 10/0/0, take a look at your team. Do thy have any kills or did you take them all? Now my little ones I have something very important to tell you, its a bit of a secret but I will share with you. The person will all those kills is the reason you are losing! Now how can this be I hear you say, they are playing the game of there lives, just look at there kills...No, if they were actually good some of those kills would have been fed onto another lane, one who is struggling because then they would not be struggling. I know people have a terrible attitude on this game at times because it takes a least 3 brain cells to remember that it is a team game. But come on its not rocket science. You win as a team, end of story so YES you are misplaying if you are not helping the TEAM to win. Equally if a player on your team is say 3/11/5 and you call him a feeder when they only got those deaths by taking out all of the enemies inner are an idiot and should go die in a hole, that person is actually playing the best on the team. End of rant, I hope this gets through to at least one person out there.
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