Trolls, Unicorns and Zombies (aka brain dead players)

New patch, same old crappy ranked system. Enough with the: -"Try your best and you will eventually rank up" -"It's a team game, work together to succeed" -"Patience is a virtue" -"Flaming will get you no-where" -"Be positive and you will eventually win" -"Instead of flaming, encourage and motivate" -"The system is based on your historic games and we have a special formula" .. that will screw you over and so on untill your head falls off. The facts: -You get penalised if you drop, on purpose or through disconnect -You get penalised if you flame -You get penalised if you play well but your teammates suck -You get penalised if your teammates go afk -You always get penalised with higher LP loss than gain. Always, even when you rank up and all the laws in the universe point to the fact that you should get more points when winning, which means you need to win 2 games for every one lost. -You get penalised by people reporting you for typing too much, even if you are not flaming, but if you are trying to clear the crap out of their heads in order to help them understand which way the Nexus is -You get penalised because Riot likes penalise. Maybe its something in the wording I'm missing here ... So many rejects playing at the low levels that unless you are a seasoned player able to smurf yourself out of the lower ranks, you are screwed. You are forced to choose champs that carry, because the fun champs don't stand a chance of going anywhere when playing with people with no brains. The system does not merit you for your achievements. It merits you for your teams performance, which 99% of the time means you're gonna get screwed because you have 3 brain dead people. Even zombies slapping their heads down on the keyboard could play more effectively. I saw a stone once, and I swear it responded more intelligently than some of these players. Why do people keep playing? Because the concept, graphics and champ selection are great and we have aspirations that one day, the ranked system will be in a place where people can play as a team but benefit from their individual performance as a whole, with team points based on objectives achieved, not winning or losing the game. If it has to be based on winning, alongside your MMR, then don't penalise people when your behind the scenes calculator realises that the living dead are in the same game as those who have greater MMRs. We also hope that someone at Riot will get their head out of the clouds and hand out of their cash laden wallets long enough to do something about this. An example you say? Moving from the sess pit of League from B5 to S3, my current MMR is 1,304 and stated as being higher than average "GJ"!. So why on God's green zombie brain dead free earth do I get 3 players, bronze and mastery free, in the same team who have absolutely no idea what to do, and I mean no idea .. from not moving lane, not helping in jng, not moving when they lose their towers, running away from fights (every time!!!!!!) before one quits (probably because of the shock of dying), leaving the other two fall asleep at their tower. In theory, this should have been 5 players of similar rank, similar skill, similar MMR .. in theory. In the words of the Legendary Echetus from Greek Mythology .. what a pile of horse *.
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