Riot's ban system is unfair

I know I deserved a ban. I agree that I was out of line about what I said. My problem with the ban system is the toll it takes on your honor. I have played over 1000 games of both ranked and normals and have gradually worked up to honor level 4 with what could be considered as reasonable behavior. Recently, however, I got a 14-day ban for being toxic to an absolute bafoon of a Vayne player which is considered bannable. This is what I said... Game 1 In-Game Despacito 4: ... Despacito 4: vayne Despacito 4: %%% Despacito 4: %%% Despacito 4: %%% Despacito 4: nice I know that this is unacceptable and I know I deserve the 14 days, but to completely reset the honor level to level 0 that I worked so long and hard for based on one game where I went off the rails is unfair in my opinion. This stresses me out and is just annoying and tedious. Any opinions on this topic would be appreciated thank you.

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