Honoring System - Good Sport Player Levels as valuable as Gold+ Rank

**The reason I am making this post, is because I want to make league of legend a better place! Help me share this and hopefully make a difference!** The concept you will read about is generally about finding ways to help encourage players into developing their strengths and being rewarded for good sportsmanship in their games. Hope you will enjoy! **Current honoring system** The current honoring system is hardly dignified and show little use or purpose to the community, there is just a few amount of charges to honor enemy team or your own team, and other than that, there could just as well be a different setup. **Encouraging positive characteristics** Players should be encouraged for their strengths and their actions to become a bit verified of what they are doing as a player and participant of a community. Therefore there could be a system that rewards permanent titles similar to the current ones, but they are more evident. Being a good Sportsmanship player should be JUST as rewarding as being a Diamond/Platinum/Gold player. Sometimes it's nicer to being a good sport and suck at the game, rather than being an a-hole and being good at the game. **So here is the concept** As of currently the honoring system is spun around _Helpful Friendly Teamwork and ofc honorable opponent_ Which is quite an okey setup, but it is very often denied becasue you can't see the reward of it and in the lobby after the game, people leave as quick as they can, or curse/flame at whoever ruined the game. For making it alot more interesting, how about changing these honoring marks into individual bars of exp? As of currently, with a high amount of honors, is earned a ribbon of some kind, which is something that could be applied to this for leveling up in each section. But it seems a bit too simple and uninteresting to put effort and time into, and hardly to design forward. Now here is my idea. With some new categories which players can honor each other can go under 3 main categories and 3 each sub-categories and can co-exist with the current honoring setup or can be intermingled with the one I am introducing. (The following names are simply made up just to suggest a picture, help out if you want!) **Badge of Honor** (Red color) {{item:3751}} Vigilant, Strong, Inspiring. **Ribbon of Generosity** (Blue Color) {{item:3110}} Friendly, Calm, Helpful **Crest of Dignity** (Green Color) {{item:3345}} Focused, Justified, Ally The badge, ribbon and crests looks can be rewarded similarly to that which you could a Rank or Champion Mastery, and their appearance change according to level and will display on your portraitframe. To obtain these symbols of sportsmanship, each Title pool will fill into the main pool, being either the badge, ribbon or crest to eventually unlock a mark, and the 'title' pools are exactly what they sound to be, with their own exp bars which can unlock each presented title that can be applied to your account for display. **Completionist** If a player would happen to get all three marks, it could unlock a SUPER special portrait frame of similar worth of a platinum/Diamond/Gold, or one that can co-exist with the potential frame that might be on a players frame. Or maybe enhance the players current portraitframe in some way. And as might've been figured, this is very much in the hands of your teammates on what pools your exp goes into, and eventually what title you will get, but the more exp you get in that pool/title, the more evident it should be. There could also be additional rewards depending on how much honor you got, per say a month/week. Please share your thoughts on this and how we can SPECIFIKLY help make this an interesting reward system to help the community share an enjoyful experience.
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