Normal blind pick level 27 vs Diamond 1 and 2 Plats

Happy playing matchup: Now i understand you wanted to reduce the time we wait in the queue to get ourselves a game, but seriously now, can't you do ANYTHING with this? I am a noob, I admit, I couldn't get more than a poor silver 3 rank last season and now I am level 28, playing normal blind picks. 1. "Sometimes the engine goes wrong" - Um... ok? Well this was the very next game I played: - How many times does it actually "Go wrong"?? 2. "You are a smurf, you get smurfs" - Oh really? Well at least give me a balanced "smurf enemy", please! Can't you just level the ladder exactly like in ranked mode? I mean, I really am trying to do my best but I get rekt by a Riven top lane with full runes and masteries in a blink of an eye :) and she's no noob, LIKE ME, no, she is DIAMOND 5!!! I am sure this subject has been brought into attention so many times in the past, but RIOT DEVELOPERS, RIOT TEAM LEAD DEVELOPER (yeah, the one who goes with videos telling us how he and his team cares about what we write), DO SOMETHING WITH THIS BLIND PICKS!!! I'd rather wait 5 minutes in the queue than playing hardcore mode (for me) and beginner mode (for them) ... 3. "You can't evolve if you play with other silvers or golds" - true, HALF OF IT and I tell you why: The entire community system and game promotes sportsmanship and ENJOYING the game on every single Summoner's Rift map, but guess what, WHO ENJOYS THIS? This = what I already proven above. There is no balance in teams! And where there is no balance, there is also NO INTEREST ANYMORE in playing same scenario again :) I repeat, DO SOMETHING WITH NORMAL BLIND PICKS, they are REKT (like I was in those games)! Thank you!
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