How did this get me banned

I've just come off of a 14 day suspension, which I queried as the 'toxicity' in the Chat reform card thing was borderline sarcastic to a premade which got me banned, I accepted it obviously and sat through the 2 weeks bored out of my mind. I come back finally, play 2 games which I am cringely positive in, get honored and great scores in both (High Gold Elo BTW), have some good old witty banter with some teammates, finish the 2nd game in which I had a really tilted flaming top laner. The most toxic thing I said for that entire games was 'Report Camille for tilting and flaming our team please' or something along them lines. I then return to my client after getting a drink to find that this one game below, is the reason am I now permanently banned. Look at these chat logs and please someone tell me where the justice is in this. Game 1 phraaanz: care you might get camped top phraaanz: i can come and cheese phraaanz: youll be fine phraaanz: Camille doesnt do that bad against heimer phraaanz: Ill lvl 2 cheese after blue phraaanz: where do you normally play? phraaanz: just let him keep pushing into you phraaanz: and ill %%%% him phraaanz: dont tilt against the midget tho we have a great team fight phraaanz: that leash phraaanz: lol phraaanz: gonna be late ganking phraaanz: got a shit leash phraaanz: ping me again phraaanz: that wasnt my fault phraaanz: dont start tilting phraaanz: xD phraaanz: top and jung are premade phraaanz: you need to play safe phraaanz: you beat him lvl 6 phraaanz: lol phraaanz: well why would I be expecting a lvl 4 tower dive? Atleast I understand why you have a chat cooldown now phraaanz: if im in my 2nd clear phraaanz: as a sejuani phraaanz: why would I be top phraaanz: when there is no jungle there phraaanz: jravan gonna be here phraaanz: come phraaanz: ? phraaanz: where were you phraaanz: x( phraaanz: gj lads phraaanz: need some pressure on drake phraaanz: we need this phraaanz: for alte phraaanz: late phraaanz: uh oh phraaanz: bad engage phraaanz: LOL phraaanz: Camille you're never gonna climb if you blame everyone else for your mistakes phraaanz: jjust saying phraaanz: gonna mute you now phraaanz: yo report camille for being toxic please phraaanz: what phraaanz: how did my e get cancelled phraaanz: Camille how can you flame us when you're literally never anywhere with the team? phraaanz: you can't split push as our only other frontline phraaanz: or you run phraaanz: which we tried phraaanz: this Camille LOL phraaanz: defiently a mute all game phraaanz: THANKYOU CAMILLE phraaanz: amazing what can happen when we group with a team fighting comp phraaanz: why is draven 2 lvls behind? phraaanz: gj phraaanz: 50% hp true dmg phraaanz: what flash xD phraaanz: Jarvan shouldve gone tank phraaanz: damn you got caught phraaanz: wtf happened phraaanz: i got poppy and draven and ahri off you phraaanz: howd you die phraaanz: did jarvan one shot you trist? phraaanz: ah phraaanz: makes sense phraaanz: duskblade phraaanz: S K I L L phraaanz: ist fine phraaanz: his build will lose an actual 5v5 phraaanz: stop getting caught phraaanz: please phraaanz: poppy support phraaanz: how cancer phraaanz: lost that team fight cos we got caught again phraaanz: you all need to stay with me phraaanz: i am the most importantn on the team phraaanz: me and camille engage phraaanz: just dont fight phraaanz: unless im in 1st phraaanz: plaese phraaanz: camille is tilted phraaanz: 4 people for my blue buff phraaanz: makes sense phraaanz: we need vision phraaanz: we have literally 0 phraaanz: aight phraaanz: gg phraaanz: camille %%%%ed it phraaanz: rep camille please phraaanz: never seen soneone so toxic while on a chat retriction in my life phraaanz: x9 this camille phraaanz: tilting everyone and no team play
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