banned from a game a month ago

NEYMARJR6 Today at 21:52 Permanent Account Suspension NeymarJr6, Your account has received a permanent suspension following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sona xD s tab nestva da morg no ulti no igniote -.- why chase kills and not come kill jungler? YEA I DIED TO ENEMY JUNGLER and u give enemy etam a KILL for frfeee im afk have fun go farm mid all u want seriously what the fk is with u ahri players brat pisna mi ot toq ramus seriozno toq ramus doide 5 pati na bot pisna mi xin enemy ramus camp bot more than u brat az otivam afk pisna mi nqma smisal just ff 20 nz 4ovek ama mene ramusa mi zagubi liniata toq 4ovek cqla igra me tower dive na bot polandzao brat toq ramus e pove4e jungla ot junglata im tebe nz kvo sa te gankvali ama toq ramus legit 11 pati e na bot ramusa li? sigorno why do u all run from ramus i dont know u took a free boost unskilledzao go die glei go ve zima si reda ve reda .. brat tez tankerskite akali ta xD e ne i dont get it xin do u have a single brain cell ? plz tell me ? why do u build full ad xin jungle with 0 tank items ? i am litterally TWICE tankier than u nqmame team da igraesh tank akali da ama nqmash burst i kato te gledam kak ska4ash nemojesh da burstnesh nikoi ? so xin u deserve to win ? 0 tank items? die in 3s? u have no idea how to play devourer xin but u blame others k seems legit but i pick ruin king because its op on seated .. yeeeeeeeeeea ofc ruin king is not even in the seated build so xin now that u died in 3s ? its good right? since u have a ruin king sona troll .. just ff dude u run in circles doing nothing .. than u go 1v2 and die than why do u go after he die ? they need to def bot its not easy to be a complete garbage xin why do u dive ramus ? dude even god himself cannot cary xin like u i hope u never win a game __________________________________________________ i am confused why am i perma banned only on "reports" when i changed my behavior.. this is 1 in 400 games where i wasnt even " flaming " i was angry that this xin was trolling and did nothing entire game and he blamed team.. now can someone explain to me why i am banned for toxicity? why cant we have the "entire" logs.. this is fun af.. so u change ur behavior but u still get banned because u got reported a few games mhm rito ty very much
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