Reporting is not enough

So today I had a game where two people in a duo team bullied another player out of their role. One of them got given mid, but called "pick order" and bullied the person who was meant to be adc out of the role. Then in the game they proceeded to feed the enemy bottom lane. Not only that but the support player who was zilean built literally mana crystals only. The whole time spamming that the role thing didn't exist and it was pick order only. I'm only bronze and I freely admit I suck at the game and i know a lot of high ELO players are going to say "it's only bronze it doesn't matter". However it is not in any way shape or form fair that i should lose LP for players being like that. Even more important it is not fair that it should be possible for another player to get bullied out of his role in that manner. This probably won't even get read by riot but things like this should be insta bans and LP for all players negatively involved in these types of game, not just myself should be restored.
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