Ban Blog: Day 9 of 14, Happy

Hey guys :D sorry i know this is a little late but sadly i feel asleep q.q basically my pc was updating and it was a pretty big update it took about 2 hours until it was finished and during that time i just passed out i fell asleep around 9pm woke up at 10:30pm and the update was finished but i was so tired i just turned off the system and went to bed it was a busy day at work it took all the energy out me for sure. anyways lets begin! **Simply Happy** The past 9 days have been great for me honestly :D everything that was going wrong in my life just did a 180 completely and fixed itself within these days its almost like this ban was made so i could spend time on fixing my problems and myself before even thinking about playing league or doing anything else. I dunno there isn't much else to say other than im a lot happier than i was at the start of this ban blog so thanks to everyone who has been supporting me through this journey **Scared of Too much change** even though im starting to enjoy league of legends again there is a big patch coming out at the end of this season that has me worried honestly as it could change how the game has worked completely the past years and that is the Runes rework. I am somewhat excited just to see what they do but at the same time worried incase they change it so much it doesn't even feel like league anymore the reason i say that is because Runes are incredibly important in league of legends everyone admits that, it changes the value of builds and champ setup even though the stats dont look that big they are incredibly powerful compared to someone with no runes so it worries me in case they dont focus on every champ like what if the new runes are only good on a certain pool of champs leaving a lot of champs a lot weaker than they used to be? I just hope they get it right is all. **DISNEYLAND!** now this is one of the main reasons i am happy ^^ me and all my friends out of nowhere the past week managed to setup a holiday plan and we are all going to Disneyland in February! im so excited i have never been on holiday with all my friends before and its Disneyland its gonna be awesome im a huge Disney fan so its just tingling my childhood instincts im just so happy to get away as this year it was looking like i wasn't gonna get a holiday which sucked but thank god for my friends being awesome and setting this up its gonna be amazing **my thought on league as of now** League of legends is an awesome game, I have been playing it for over 5 years now for a reason because its a really good game no matter what way you look at it but i wont deny there have been patches that i really dont like where the balance is just unfair to a lot of champs because the cant benefit from the current broken items and such but when they get the patch just right then its a brilliant game i just wish they could do that more often because it scares me when the patch the game so much there is only so much change you can do before its not even the same game anymore Thanks for Reading :D if you are new to this ban blog series then please try out the past days and for anyone who has followed me this far then thank you so much for the support Have fun on the rift guys! :D not long for me now
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