People behaving badly

I've recently begun to play a lot of ranked solo queue again. I've gone down to silver 3 (since my lack of playing the last 2 years). Though in all of my placement game, and the games after. It seems as there's a tendency to either be toxic from picking screen or when someone "fails" a lane. Now the deal is not only that they can be toxic. It also seems like they just give up and int, when falling behind. It leads to bad language throughout the entirety of the game, and of course, ending in reports to the player. But I've never received one notification of any punishment towards those players. Now it also could be me just not looking the right places for it, but I also can't find any posts or such about a solution to this problem of mine. Please do give some information if its actually being looked upon, because it's really pushing me to quit the game once more. Thanks for reading, and for posting potential information :P
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