Got 4 Honors as Riven

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
So i played Riven in a normal game just for the fun of it (i never play riven) but it didn't go so well, i lost lane and fed the enemy Yorick quite a bit but i remained calm and did not flame or blame or type anything and just continued to play, my team was winning anyways so i was not too worried. The thing that surprised me was that no one flamed me, told me how to play or insulted me in any way! I apologized to my team for playing so poorly and they just said no problem! Then i finally managed to kill Yorick and they all cheered for me and said goodjob! :D I grouped up with my team and we managed to win the game! Not all Riven mains are toxic, however I'm not a Riven main but i still lived up to the Riven stereotype of feeding... After the game i thanked my team for not flaming me because of my poor performance, they said i was tiltproof and chill and a good shotcaller! All 4 of my teammates honored me, which is 4 honors in total! I felt so happy and special even though i played so badly, sometimes i love this community! :) {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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