PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT and target banned by Riot Employee

After a game where a guy intentionally trolled a game to make us lose I added him in private after the game and flamed the hell out of him. YES i was toxic, BUT Many times happened to me that people added me to flame, i even received serious death threats. Everytime I opened a ticket to ask for actions against this I was always given the same answer: "we don't have access to private chats and anyways no ban can be issued upon it" I was so shocked that the last time it happened i actually screenshotted it. So after RIot tells me that private chats are "your own business my friend" and i'm quotining, I actually got permabanned for it. This morning. The supporter is not even allowing to turn the perma into 14 days since it happened for misleading information received by Rioters itself, and not only that, he has actually banned 2 other accounts from me that don't have anything to do with my main and don't have any chatlogs or anything. I don't think that this is a correct behaviour, I told that I did that just cause Riot itself told me (multiple times) that was allowed, otherwise I would have no problem sticking at this rule. The guy is closing all my tickets and manually banning random accounts from me, I honestly think he developed some hate towards me but I don't think this is a correct and professional behaviour at all.
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