question about disgusting behaviors!

in the past i asked about jax's taunt ( control + 2 ) spams sadly i got none answer. please now make me enlighten so i can decide what is good in the future! people are doing this right in front of some girl champion and with the maximum proximity that is really disgusting ( usually when you want to help a jax in early red monster as a miss fortune/other champions) ( that is maybe exciting for people but it is meaningless/making collision for me at least! there is always dangerous blitzy monsters waiting for adc's in early so jungle why would a jax do such thing? these were not that much problem until last time i play ekko mid, jax jungler after level 3 came mid lane and stayed for very very long for the purpose of spamming taunt on ekko. i actually did report him for racist at the end match and i know am sure that rito has hard punishment against racist behaviors but how would they notice that? he even didn't say anything and i was the one who flaming him to %%%% off my lane! you sick %%%%! i am really confused is it my fault? and i could take it easy without getting offended? or i have right to report that guy even through submit a ticket? ( also i am not a black and i am not a girl too i won't support anything i just say that is absolutely disgusting why could you come and do such a %%%% because ekko has a little different skin-color, why should i suffer this agony of half-exp / canon minion stealing with smite?) -/- can you get banned/punished for doing such a things? some of the examples are known in tft as well like running with your little legends to right behind of other's little legends and spamming laugh'taunt'dance that might cause some bothering to others! also in tft you can't report someone so it is really safe to do so! especially that (soft nosed) little legend. when he is spamming i get to vomit! actually i am not saying that i am right i am not even certain about these behaviors are bad. i just found them jerk also in some cases kai'sa trying to spam her taunt . ( last time i get died in invade because of collision made because of kai'sa's taunt spam! also i died as pantheon who is good early and falls off hard late game ( old pantheon )
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