So apparently there's this weird condition here that makes people incapable of facing the truth as soon as you raise a problem about lol or riot. For example, when you say that it makes a lot more sense to ban rage quitters than flamers, suddenly an army of bots starts spamming that "we can't do that because we cannot be sure if someone quitted the game intentionally or got disconnected and it would be SO UNFAIR!!". _Well, first of all, you cannot be sure either that the player flamed intentionally. Maybe he's drunk, maybe he's got tourette syndrome, maybe his account got hacked... So ok I get your point - it's time to ditch bans altogether! _But mostly, you CAN know for sure whether someone quit the game on purpose or got disconnected : THE FREAKIN QUIT BUTTON.... Among others. I've been saying it for ages, and people keep trying to deny this obvious fact. Even rioters! Well... It looks like I know how the game works better than rioters, because the latest patch just confirmed me : https://i.ibb.co/vcmqq2M/leave.jpg Also note that there's no reason either to let serial laggers go with a slap on the wrist : if someone gets disconnected once, it's an unfortunate accident, but if they already know they're having connection failures 20% of the time and still impose their disconnections on their team, they're intentionally ruining games. So why exactly aren't serial leavers banned?
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