Punishments in League of Legends

So, I am not sure if this is really the right place to discuss that, but the Riot Support sent me here when I asked them about a possibility to talk about improvements of the game and / or the rules. I dislike toxicity as every other healthy human mind, but Riot has a very weird way of seeing bad behaviour in my opinion. I am getting Chat Restrictions, not for the first time, for flaming bottomless abnormal racists in this game, who somehow start to talk about "killing all jews" or "%%%%%%s" or maybe "just" wishing you and your family to "get cancer" etc. because you maybe didn't play as well as you could - I guess all of you read things like that before. Sadly. Unfortunately I am sure that most of them I reported didn't recieve any punishments, while the Riot Support tells me that even a single report is enough to punish negative players and while I get my Chat Restrictions, because the bunch of racists put their reports together against me. Don't get me wrong, I am against flaming other people, but I actually never started the toxicity. Where I come from, flaming people who are flaming you is called self-defence and in real life you don't get ANY punishments for defending yourself. I don't want to hear Riot Supports telling me to mute toxic players, I know I can do that, but it is not about muting down things you don't want to read - I simply don't want to have racists in this game, I don't want to play with people who wish eachother cancer or talking about %%%%ing sisters and mothers and and and! The moment I mute them I already had to read all that bullshit and even tho they're muted I still know that they're raging and continuing to flame. Also by the way, since I block every player who said things like that after the game, so I don't have to read them again the next time I meet them in a lobby, my list is full. I didn't even know that there is a limit for players you can block, but there is! It's around 600 players you can block, as far as I got that right. I am playing since season 3 and my list contains over 1000 entries, still only the first 600 added are really blocked. Riot should focus on banning accounts of racist people and notorious flamers instead of giving Chat Restrictions to these who simply try to defend themselves. How do I even fall back to Honor level 1 when flaming a nazi? Do you even know what the word "honor" means?! Peace, M.
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