How is Riot going to adress the poor quality of ranked games in season 9?

I've been playing since beta. Played all seasons except 7 and 8. I can safely say this the worst season I've ever played. The quality of games are so awful. Every game, I at least have one teammate intentionally trying to loose a ranked game. This no matter the context, winning, loosing, getting carried, carrying, the troll being flamed or not. I like league to some extend even though the community is insanely toxic but this one is just to much. I can deal with toxic players, I can't deal with every game being poor quality or getting ruined by one or several players that intentionally try to ruin the game for their own team in a mode that's meant for winning/tryharding. I know it sometimes is 'just a bad game' or hard to detect it, but in my recent experience, extreme situations stand out very easily. I really wish Riot would start permabanning such kind of players who stand out after just one game.
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