Sick of this...

Some years ago, I played lol a lot and earned my level 30 and ranked place it was in 2014. Came back some years afterwards and started playing again.... Waowww Every damn match I was flamed. people were soooo nasty. Yes I am not that good, but man I don't deserve this shit. Anyone does. At least I am a grown up and can handle it even being this shocked how people are so nasty. Now if you are teenager and step in this hell.... This game is really becoming toxic and might affect youngster personality. You are getting flamed insulted each time buy some frustrated teenager hiding behind there computer because they only have LOL in their life and it is sooo much important for them to win this ranked or non ranked game. I though it was a game, where you are supposed to have fun... this not fun... this toxic. Now I am asking myself if DOTA community is this bad.... It is ? if not I would gladly do the move. Regards
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