Kids playing league

I am currently silver II,and i was a few hours ago in promo game for s1 . I had already won the first game. The second two were some really really unfortunate loss. The first loss, was my jungle trolling and going for a duo top lane (while i was the toplaner). He took teleport Flash, duo top went desastrous. The seond one, i had two kids in my team. I was playing {{champion:32}} jungle, and i had a {{champion:127}} mid {{champion:17}} My lissandra gives first blood at 3 minutes, and claims to have laggs. I come to gank her, she gets the kill. While im gone, she gives 2 kills, and each times she rages in the chat : " {{champion:69}} FKING LUCKER I LAGG" . i Recommend her since she has lagg to play safe, but she didnt read the chat , or understood what i meant by that. Then she spams ping on me for a gank, but i tell her that i need to farm, and that {{champion:69}} will get level 6 soon, while my Liss was still lvl3 or 4, so if i come, Cassio can get a double kill off us . But my mid threatens to troll, and since i didnt come, she continue feeding (0/8 at 15 minutes) . Meanwhile, my top (teemo) was also losing hard against {{champion:84}} . I come twice to help him, but we could kill her . I recommend teemo to build some MR, but he wouldnt listen to me . On the contrary , he decides to "troll" too, because i didnt gank him enough In the mean time, my botlane is winning, i come twice to successfully counter a gank on them. I got blame by mid and top the whole game for the loss.. My point is , Kids playing league of legends , here are some things you guys should know : _ if you lagg, dont play agressive _ if you lose lane, dont spam your jungler, he has farm and experience to get in the jungle too. _ the laning phase isnt the end of the game, AND come play ranked games with champions that you MASTER ENOUGH SO THAT YOU CAN PLAY FROM BEHIND WITH THEM. there are team fights too I get the impression some of us dont like when others are doing well on their lane, but not them. This is a DAMN TEAM GAME , NOT A 1VS1 MID OR TOP For God sake ! Excuse my english

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