I dont want to be mean but

How do I tell my friends who suck at the game to not play duo with them? When I play alone I know that I have to 1 vs 9 anyway but you get a good player sometimes so its not a 100% chance of carrying 4 others. When I duo with my friends though I already know 100% that I will have to carry their feeding ass as well and I have only 3 chances for a good player unlike the 4 chances I get in solo. The problem is they dont ever question that they suck or they were the reason we lost when it happens and I can't just tell them that they suck. Do they exploit me for free duo boost? Please tell me what to do, it's very unpleasant having to always play a game on a handicap. I still carry their asses in 60-70% of the games but I always have to play seriously to win and I want to chill sometimes but I know we will lose if i do. Help I took my account to platinum so they cant duo with me because they were silvers but they told me to play flex and I had to go gold to flex as well because they were bronze in flex to have an excuse, now that I got reset I still have to face them.
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