There is a problem at Riot, banned for something I didn't do...

Let me start by saying I love Riot and I love League of Legends, it's always been my favorite game. But a few days ago my account, that I've put a lot of time and money into, was permanently banned for 'scripting'. Something I've never done. This is the explanation I got: Tuesday at 18:09 Hello there, The account in question was banned for the use of scripts. I hope you can see why it would be unsatisfying and frustrating to play against other players who are using a tool to tamper with the gameplay experience. We took action to protect the fairness and integrity of the Fields of Justice. We have explained the context of your suspension, will not remove or modify it, and consider the matter closed. Radkus Player Support Specialist "Who needs a map?" Radkus was 100% sure: "Permanent suspensions aren't issued until we are very confident with the decision. As I've mentioned before we have thoroughly investigated and identified this account for the use . I can confirm to you that we have done deep investigation and there was no mistake in the decision taken." So there are two problems I'd appreciate help with. 1) Why my account has been banned for something I've never done, or even contemplated doing. 2) How many other people are falling victim to permanent bans that are completely baseless. If it's happened to me it's happened to other people. If someone could look into this problem I'd be very grateful. I know for a fact (because I know I've never scripted) that if someone were to look into this matter they would find an error. Looking at my games, or a simple replay of the game in question, it would be so obvious and if someone assisted in this situation they would not only assist me but also other players facing the same problem. Thanks.
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