On not selecting a champ in normal games and getting punished...

Hello there Im kinda new to this game, but i think for being only lvl23 i know alot more than the people i sometimes meet in normals. Since AI games became boring, i started PvP around lvl 12-15 and to my surprise, the people i met were not that toxic. Since i joined the roaring 20ies, ive noticed that blind pick normals are not for me. not because of the raising difficulty, but because of all the trolls and people who should have stayed in AI games. The only game mode i can play without wanting to deinstall is team builder. You can leave if you dont like the setup, without any punishment. Just 10 minutes back, i was teamed with the same two guys, two games in a row. Since i think i can play any lane good enough to let others have their prefered lane, i usually pick last. 1st game someone from the enemy team must have failed to select a champ, i had picked one, so i wasnt punished. But the ***** didn´t get their lane, hovered over ADC/Top to pick 2 jungle champs at the last seconds, without smite. I had hovered over Udyr with smite cos if 1 of them had locked in his hovered ADC, the team comp would have been nice. 2nd game, they did the same again. This time i was prepared, i didnt pick anything, let alone locking it in. 6 minutes wait time for a queue.... and i know from last week, it goes up to 15 mins next. Why are people that are patient and nice enough to have the team pick their prefered roles, then saving their more normal minded teammates from a 20min troll desaster getting punished, but you cant even report the trolls when you only meet them in teampick? Ive watched some streams, i know in the upper regions of ranked it takes alot longer to find a team, but with a queue time of like 30 seconds for normal blind pick you are doing 2-3 teammates something good when you save them from idiotic picks, cos mister MIMIMI I DIDNT GET MY LANE goes bonkers and trolls hard. Yet you get punished with a queue time thats 10 times longer than normal. Ive been playing online games for quite some time, but slowly but surely i find this one to have the most toxic community ive ever experienced, and that tells alot after 3 years of World of Tanks.... I dont say that i´d know it all. I didn´t face some champs yet and i have a lot to learn about them all and some champs and comps might work. And i dont fail to pick a champ that often, but i know a troll when i see one. I know that i´d be in queue by now, if i hadn´t written all this, but with every day im getting more frustrated with a great teamplay game. {{champion:32}}
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