My today games in Ranked in Nutshell. All game Yasuo and Tristana are pushing under the enemy turret getting camped by **Lee Sin** and when they die they cry about being ganked and me doing 0 Ganks despite me telling them to stop pushing under turret, My Support brand warned **Yasuo** with me that Lee sin is the the Scuttle and coming for him, But he still died and blamed me, In other case Jax was gankable, But he kept initiating while there is a lot of minions so Gnar always used W to escape on them easily, Later on both him and Yasuo kept following me in Jungle taking the camps and telling me to uninstall, in nutshell (no lane was possible to gank so i kept farming all game waiting for a lane to be pushed), Thankfully **Brand **is a decent person. My support **Thresh **went full Int in the early-mid game phase being 1/6 making the enemy **Caitlyn **7/1 but I kept it cool and played safely as possible till we fixed the game, Then when we won a fight we took 2 turret in mid-lane I decided to take the 3rd turret Expecting only Ryze to come with the Ult, But sadly Ryze actually waited the AP Malphite to resurrect and not (not having ultimate ready), So I died in 2 v 1 instead of having my expected 1 v 1, Rek'Sai decided to go AFK for that and blaming me after it all game, Even in the early phase of the Game her and Aatrox kept flaming me because **Thresh** is 1/6 and I'm 1/2, Thankfully **Thresh** is a decent person and kept telling them that it is his fault(Getting hooked by pyke every sec to death) all game. My midlane **Qiyana** despite telling her that Hecarim is going Midlane when I was at base died to him, She cried about How I was at top farming (after teleporting) to push lane before hecarim returns, she kept blaming me for not pinging, So I wrote after that "Hecarim is not at top he is going mid" and kept pinging her 10 times, But she died again and kept blaming me for not following **Hecarim**, Then she kept feeding **Katarina** to the point of 12/1, And then went AFK to return and tell me "fu orn" then continue feeding, Thankfully my entire Team defended me hard and talked about how trashy she is. My **Malphite** at toplane asked me for a gank, So I ganked **Garen** but he kept watching me to death first till I made garen HP 5% ~ 10% for him to deal 0 damage after and dies to him, while having **Pyke** running the ADC by taking kills without Ultimate despite me and the ADC telling him to stop, and Ahri that just goes 1 v 5 every moment with R expecting that the team won't stun her and return safely, But nope, game lost because of that, No one was flamed that game but **Ahri**. Repeat my first match history note, But this time it is **Master Yi** and not a **Lee sin**, And that Mordekaiser using ult any moment he can without any reason despite me telling him to stop ulting when I'm ulting the same person in the crowd, also the Pyke kept trolling hard on the ADC by pulling **Nautilius** into Ashe then both him and Ashe flaming me about **Yi**, Then we finally reached the Enemy nexus in a comback, for Ashe to attack minions instead and Mordekaiser wasting ult on Nautilius for fun as always And pyke just suicide as always.
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