at the point in time, if your bronze or below gold, your get treated like trash from other player, no matter the level. bronze hate bronze , silvers hate bronze , gold's hate bronzes , diamonds think your the bain of the community and think should just leave or know place as trash. then there master and challenger and they don't know what a bronze is because they don't have time for low players and too busy winning worlds or other. the point is the community is very unwelcoming to new players or people in bronze. i been playing for 6 years, never really touched the boards and then i found out the hard way, that if below silver your not welcome here to share anything as your deemed , trash of the community. you want to enjoy a cause game with friends, go else where , you want to stay unranked but no treats with respect or treats like trash. welcome to you do ranked or your a bain the community. you want to enjoy your favourtie champion, thats why training mode is there, you want to have a fun cause game. good luck it be someone slave or get reported. you wanna do ranked, you only have a choice of a few champions, because you play anything that not an op one shot champ, guess what its report for trolling. like it can be demoralising going into games where it feels like the only reason you play ranked is so you don't get treated like trash on the community. so to all you new players and fellow bronze. if you are out there please Add me and together we can try and get accepted by are own community.
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