Having a trolling teammate is objectively better than having someone on your team who is flaming.

Seriously, if you take all the factors into consideration, having a trolling teammate is preferable to a flaming teammate. That's why Riot should double down on banning toxic people, rather than trollers and or afkers. - trolling actually impacts your game less than flaming If someone is trolling, I don't have to respond to that person. He's just doing his thing, and so be it. He doesn't lower morale and he doesn't want others to respond. Also trolling doesn't hurt me or my team's feelings, making trolling less severe than flaming. - trolling lowers game time When your teammate is trolling, you often have shorter game lengths. Yes you will lose the game, but having a toxic person on your team will also make you lose 90% of the time. I'd rather have someone trolling and making sure the game doesn't last long, rather than having to deal with a shit head for 50 minutes. People trolling enhance my experience. - trollers often have a good reason for why they're trolling. For someone to troll, they must have a really good reason. Often flamers will flame anyone and everyone, just because they're assholes, and their character is designed to be mean to people. Trollers on the other hand often have legitimate reasons to be like that. You don't just troll because you are like that, you troll for a reason. I can often get behind that reason and have some sympathy for the troll. Flamers I have no sympathy for. If you really want to be mean for no reason, get out of my game.
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