Unfair punishement

Me and the reporter were equally bad but got 14 days for this: Game 1 In-Game OlivEr0x69: go win bot OlivEr0x69: ill farm 2 waves then reset OlivEr0x69: frick OlivEr0x69: aww man OlivEr0x69: oi OlivEr0x69: %%%% that stun OlivEr0x69: chain stunned me so bad OlivEr0x69: twitch easy say for u OlivEr0x69: u only got low enemy kills OlivEr0x69: stfu twich u only got free kills OlivEr0x69: and? OlivEr0x69: then %%%%in ward bot and help OlivEr0x69: and good jungle ks OlivEr0x69: idiot %%%% ass %%%got OlivEr0x69: KS OlivEr0x69: u could have helped OlivEr0x69: it OlivEr0x69: but instead u chose to be brat OlivEr0x69: baby cry wont help OlivEr0x69: 1v1 me %%%got OlivEr0x69: still u gotten us 0 drages OlivEr0x69: easy for u to say It wasnt that bad to get banned and the twitch didnt even get ban
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