Moved to new region and im getting reported for smurfing

Hi.Yesterday i got pissed off in EUNE and i decided to move to EUW because i like the community and players here.My first account was in EUW but my friends were playing at EUNE and thats why i played in EUNE.So i remembered my password and username and entered in this account.It is level 15 and i dont have level 30 account so i have to level this account to level 30 so i can play ranked with my friends.But today i was doing pretty good with nasus and the enemy team told me that im going to get reported for smurfing.I explained them that i move to new region and this is my only account and i cant do anything else to level it up ( well i can play against bots that the exp gain is just horible). So my question is: How am i supposed to play in other region if i have to level my account legit instead of buying one.If i buy 30 level account it will be perma banned before im violating the rules of this game.But if i level this account and continue to get reported i will get banned for smurfing. Please someone tell me what to do.... i got so pissed of...By the enemy team's logic if i create one account im stuck to it and if i move to other region i will get banned.What the hell.I know that i can transfer the account but i dont want to pay money only for transfer.I'd rather spend the money on rp for skins in the new account ... TL;DR- i decided to play in other region and im getting reported for smurfing when i dont have level 30 or other account in this region.
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