Updated some players logic

So yesterday I was playing a ranked game and I managed to get my mid. I'm playing the new champion {{champion:136}} and don't want to tell anything but i meen i can handle him and win my games. So i picked him so my team would know what im gonna play. And there was some guy he got jungle lane. He told me at first not to pick aurelion but I told him to ban zed and it will be fine. And then he told me "Im gonna ban aurelion cause i want to win". So serously he bans my champion and pick warwick {{champion:19}} . So wait a minute he want to win a game but he bans my champion. So I thouth if you want that win so badly then you have carry us nobody gives wins for free. So our support saw what he did and he told"I'm gonna try karma {{champion:43}} for first time". Well okay then I'm gonna try something else too and I did. The game went pretty badly everyone like lost there lanes we lost the game there was flaming alot mostly me. After the game I just reported warwick for griefing its rare to find people like him :/ . Well thanks for reading hope you had a good time. :)
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