Perm banned; is this deserved??

Please help shed light on my situation as I’m struggling to understand the fairness in the justice system in league. I’ve just recently been perm banned; the only penalty I’ve received before was a two week ban very early in the year that I reformed by behaviour after and made a conscious effort not to be negative. I’ve never had a chat ban. Just the one before, and this perm. I was playing bot lane adc with a support Leona vs blitz support and adc. We are pushed to their tower and Leona dives their adc. We trade but blitz hooks her and she takes two tower hits, add hits and an ignite from blitz. I desperately try to save her with heal but ignite is already on and she dies. She flames me because I didn’t heal her BEFORE ignite (this happened in a two second space) and refuses to lane with me and leaves me alone in lane and roams. I have to play 2v1, lose both bottom towers, the team flames me, the Leona refuses to play with me until I apologise for ‘being bad’. This tilts me and naturally I flame Leona and call out for people to report her behaviour. I get perm banned as a result of this. I know it takes a couple of bad games to come to this conclusion but it’s almost like nobody reads the chats and just filters out words to pick up on. Usually profanity. My flame is almost always a direct result from other people initially flaming me, why in this game are we expected to ignore all provocation at the hands of other players - something you wouldn’t do if provoked in real life - because of a fear of a ban. I rarely mute people because I believe communication is important and always strive to win. I’m aware that this ban won’t be lifted, but I just want to get clarity on others feelings of this system. We are not perfect people, we make mistakes, but we react to other people’s insults and I won’t be making a second account. I don’t see the point in time sinking and the amount of money spent on the game just to have riot nonchalantly drop bans like this. I’ve never been banned in ANY other online game. Thoughts? Constructive please, no trolls.
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