Warm & fuzzy on the inside :) Thank you, sweet ADCs who are nice!

Had a game just now in which everyone were so nice! We had some hiccups early and lacked a tank. But people were generally very supportive, our Kata & Ashe apologized for doing badly, but I was just in my support & cuddle mindset and assured them it would be fine, to just have fun. And I really had a good game, so I was raking in cash. And near the end the enemy jungler goes "Dat Support" because our jungler went afk so I helped Teemo secure the nexus to win the game and then in the postgame screen my ADC goes "Dat support *heart sign*" And it made me really happy :) So thank you, to my fellow Leaguers today, for being sweet and appreciative and really making this game a better experience for everyone! It feels really good when you do well and put a lot of effort into helping your teammates do better, and then they go and be grateful and sweet about it. *hugs everyone*
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