How am I banned for this one?

Chat Log, only 1 game. Perma ban. Pre-Game LordGoldFish2: Tf are u doing yi LordGoldFish2: u dont even play this shit LordGoldFish2: ok lol LordGoldFish2: malph counters u tho In-Game LordGoldFish2: u are god LordGoldFish2: 1 hp blu LordGoldFish2: cause I 1v1 u so easy LordGoldFish2: if ahri doesnt come sure LordGoldFish2: 0/3 LordGoldFish2: 0/3 LordGoldFish2: then says open bot LordGoldFish2: lol LordGoldFish2: u have died 6 times LordGoldFish2: mid 2 LordGoldFish2: but hes inting LordGoldFish2: and you are just unlucky? LordGoldFish2: lol LordGoldFish2: come kayn LordGoldFish2: nice f LordGoldFish2: and I didnt in last fight :) LordGoldFish2: well i didnt use it on u LordGoldFish2: you cheat LordGoldFish2: i already use w e and q LordGoldFish2: lol LordGoldFish2: season just started LordGoldFish2: its over kayn LordGoldFish2: just %%% LordGoldFish2: i 1v1 u easy, if I am same lvl LordGoldFish2: saying 1 %%% doesnt give you chat restrict lol LordGoldFish2: noobs dont know how system works Apparently says 1 %%% doesn't give you chat restrict, saying 2 gets you perma banned?
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