I basically experienced the worst in my promos

Champion select the guy takes warwick flash tp and doesnt say anything i tought he was jungler just he was abit afk for changing his summoner i asked him 3 times ww where you go ? cause there was already a malz and jax with flash tp i lock draven adc warwick : omg draven im adc jax ; wtf ww plz go jungler warwick : no i go adc draven can you go jungler plz ? he declines over and over again and then jax switches to smite and he told me to go top this warwick was chasing kills dying in a very stupid ways spamming emotes instead of farming Malzahar was doing everything bad and he kept bashing the team and then jax began flaming in spanish so yeah ww and malz were spanish too , and here we go the chat getting spammed by spanish insults which leads me to mute them ... the only one stayed positive was blitz he did try his best .. SO after a wining streak i get this braindead players in my promos ?

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