Proof that intentional feeding detection does not work via in-game reporting.

**For Rioter's reading this:** Check ticket number #35920749 and the issued player's previous games, no I don't mean the scores, I literally mean the replays of the player's games. Because otherwise it'll probably be disregarded as a "false report" probably. **For everyone else reading:** This guy who was queued in for support, just started the first minute running to mid and dying under turret repeatedly, AFK-ing rest of the time. After reporting, I actually checked his match history to see how long has he been doing this, guess what, _**"ELEVEN DAYS"**_ of Solo/Duo Queue Ranked intentional feeding, with each scores of 0/15 being the worst and 0/7 being the best KDA. I don't know he's deranking or whatever, but that's not the issue here. The main issue is that in-game reporting is broken and Riot needs to take notice of this already. It's been more than several games this player has been behaving similiarly but for some reason was able to avoid the detection. Trying really hard not to give names here, but if you're curious and are gonna just consider this "It's because of you people false reporting the system doesn't work", check my match history on OP.GG, there should be a game with Fiddlesticks in our team. With this I'll be giving a long break from the game until an official fix notice is released that reports are actually working again.
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