How autofill affects low end players in bronze league and silver.

Personally I do not have anything against autofill, I always find way to make it fun(etc. by playing lulu att speed or something similiar) but I still stay as a support, I help my teammates by protecting them and providing crowd control. But players who are low end, have barely any skill and probably underaged are locking malzahar,kayn,trundle,zed,yasuo and other champions which are not actually support(they have intention to play like in midlane or toplane), and they are unhappy with autofill, so I have to leave every lobby because I don't want to get negative and start flaming them. Im sick of leaving lobbies, and it would be useful if you disable autofills for bronze and silver league. I know this will get so much downvotes but as a draft player im sick of those kids, let them play midlane or make a missions or something about playing supports which will attract players to play it, not to hate it. Also this happens in 6/10 games, so count how much I actually have to wait to play a single game with an actual support.
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