Rude Kids From 2000 Insulting Very Bad

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I feel to do it cause I'm really tired of it.... It's not the first time that it append to me, but I played against 3 little kids (for sure) that's started to insult my mother. At the beginning, when they called me "noob" "ez" "just leave" or this kind of things I didn't care of course, but when they started to insult my mom was really annoying. Not adult people do this kind of things that's why I'm sure they were kids, and I never done something like that when I was at that age, but I can understand in a certain way.... The most important fact that bothered me was that when I told them that my mom was death and to stop cause they made me cried and that its not nice to talk about other moms in this way, they continued to insult her like stupid... I just wanted to have fun and play with friends, and not to remember my mom in this manner. The funny thing is that when I report people cause they are AFK or something like that they get immediately a penality, but for things like this, that its more important for me, never! This already happened to me twice, I hope that someone will change this attitude at this kind of player because they are ruining this game.... they should get a permanent ban for me.... I'm going to quit and change game for that, cause its impossibile to have fun, at the end its only a game and I'm sad for that because I was enjoying it. Thanks for your attention hope to find an respactable answer. Cheers
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