Scripting in platinum?

Are these people serious, please get such people banned... I just had a match as Bard which went quite fine in the beginning apart from a losing midlane, but then a Nidalee suddenly comes in, uses human QEW with no cast time, dodges my Q with a weird stutterstep, changes to Cougar and uses all her abilities with no cast time again before she turns human during her Pounce and instantly throws a spear and heals herself, killing me within the next autoattack. Now I was either against a Challenger player that mains Nidalee and knows how to cancel all her animations or some dickhead used a script or toolhack there. Looked up the players account afterwards. Last season Gold, now Gold 3 getting queued in Plat 4 MMR, last season most played Teemo and a few ADCs, and a few days ago he seems to have started playing again after a 5 month pause. Before the pause: Vi 7/1/8 win Vi 1/4/2 loss Annie 10/7/20 win Morgana 5/9/5 loss Morgana 10/2/20 win Vi 5/4/7 win 3 weird matches of AP Xin Zhao feeding ... the list goes on with normal scores, sometimes relatively good, sometimes not so good, but never really hardcore dominating... all these matches are against gold players After the pause: Twisted Fate 10/5/7 win AP Kog'Maw 8/3/8 win Rengar 14/14/13 loss Hecarim 7/11/16 loss Evelynn 14/13/8 loss Ahri 17/8/13 win Ap Kog'Maw 9/3/11 win a trolling Twisted Fate with 7 tears Poppy 19/8/8 win Nidalee 20/4/13 win Nidalee 26/7/9 win Nidalee 14/1/5 win How can a person change up their champion pool so quickly and do so well with the champions he is (according to LoL Match history and playing for the first time in their life against platinum enemies? Especially those Nidalee games are ridiculous. He seems to be quite confident in his Nidalee "skills" when he's rushing a Mejai's playing her for the first time. Dunno whether calling his name is allowed here, so I'm just gonna refrain from doing so, but I hope that shit like this which really takes all the fun aswell as any chance of fighting back from the game gets banned. Even if it's just a really good elobooster, that stuff ruined my day.

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