I always warn people to be careful

I'm an insta-mute kind of guy, but sometimes, either on my team or on the all chat enemy team, people say certain words that get you insta-banned. So I tell them, "yo, careful with that word, it's an insta-ban". Almost always I'm met with some sort of retaliation or "I wont get banned, I'm an exception" type of thing. So I tell them, "Look, I'm trying to help you. Just avoid saying that word" Nope, they just use it some more to get on my nerves. Which, they're not getting on my nerves. They're just getting a ban. Last time some enemy adc said the F word. The fa... word. I said "Don't use that word, it's an insta-ban." He said "it's not for me since I'm g.." I said "Riot doesn't care about your orientation" He said "Yea they do" Sorry for censoring the bad words
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