Why is this still not a thing?

So here's what i got in my last 3 ranked champ selects: cs1: an 11% winrate yasuo adc (dodged ofcourse) cs2: a 33% winrate ahri toplane because he wanted mid (another guy dodged for me because i didnt want to lose all the LP and time) cs3: a Syndra adc who never played syndra because his premade got autofilled (dodged again) now the funny thing is that maybe apart from the second one these were all almost certain losses. I had the choice to either go waste the LP and 30 min of gametime so i could report them so maybe they get punished and won't do it again, or i dodge and lose a lot of LP and time but they go unpunished and just keep doing the same thing untill they get what they want. Seems fair doesn't it? now i've said this before and i'm going to say it again. A REPORT BUTTON IN CHAMP SELECT!! I'ts not that hard and even though it doesn't solve the fact that you get champ select trolls, it actually makes it possible to get them punished. Now a lot of people will be wondering: how are you going to decide who are champ select trolls? well same as you would decide if somebody is a flamer or not. If you report somebody in champ select you get the something similar to following choices: 1. Threatened to troll (Mid or feed etc.) 2. Flame (Speaks for itself i think) 3. Troll pick (see my examples) now this one should be less punishable than the choices above but if really frequent still punishable 4. refused to take their assigned role (a guy gets autofilled and refuses to support so he goes riven top anyway) I do not know exactly how riot decides somebody should get punished but i can imagine they are smart enough to be able impliment this simple system. Maybe, and this is just a very wild theory, they could even make it so that if you reported somebody, dodged, and they were punished partly for that reason within 2 weeks or something you could get part of the LP you lost dodging back as long as it doesn't get you to 100LP. I would like to hear people's thoughts on this and if there's any flaws in my plan. cheers, Juhlian
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