Temp Ban = Perm Ban

So I got temp banned for raging.... clearly nobody actually reads the chat logs because in the 3 logs provided, only one was rage. The other two was clearly defensive. So great system, it's no wonder the policing of your game by rabid 12 year olds is going down the toilet. Play league, where the immature players consistantly abuse one another.. however, you could be one of the lucky ones that runs into people that flame and then report you after the game to get you a ban after you paid money for things on your account. SOLUTION ! If someone is mean to you, retreat to your basement and mute everyone in game for the rest of eternity. That will surely provide a great experience for you and your would be teammates! Communicate in pings instead of trying to converse with the animals in game, no doubt, things will get nasty at some point as it's a competitive game where most people are trying to win. Don't you %%%%ing dare talk smack though, or you will be banned. Yes, for those stating "umad" yeah... I'm pretty %%%%ing mad... 2 accounts and it's the same story. People complain AT ME, for whatever %%%%ing reason and then I just cannot stand to play with them anymore, or I talk shit back and boooooom, instant bans. 1 chat restrict... althoug who really gives a shit about that. It seems that the chat restrict is merely a ploy to get people to play more anymore and try to work through the 14 games or whatever arbitrary amount of games decided. No, i'm not interested in appealing. The game is too far gone now anyway. You're quite literally teaching kids to be snakes with this system, you're not peoples parents, you created a game... I don't know what sorry %%%% came up with the idea of the tribunal system but they should be lynched for being so deluded they thought it would be a good idea. Whoops... I said something I shouldn't have... but i'm already banned, what's next? You're going to give your good friends at NATO a call, so they can sent their non existant army to give me a stern talking to? Get fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. Make a better system, you lazy bastards, before you completely destroy your loyal fanbase that keeps feeding you money for a dead game that is still attempting to cling onto any last iota of relevancy. Like I said, yeah.. it pissed me off. Reply just to try and get a rise out of me, go on, prove my point.
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