To The Toxic Talon That Reported Me.

6 years ago, when I first started playing league, I had to, of course, pick a summoner name, me being 12 years old at the time I decided that the name "power of sexy" would be absolutely hilarious and clever. Suffice to say, I regretted the decision, but name changes are far too expensive for me for them to be worth it. Yesterday, however, I was playing a game with Rengar in the jungle, and around mid game, our 0/4 talon bot lane, who was two levels below everyone else, decided he was entitled to a red buff. Obviously, I went over and smited it, which resulted in a torrent of abuse and flame. claiming I "stole his red", and that I should be perma-banned. So I asked what he could possibly report me for, and he said he would ban me for my name. He reported me, and the next day Riot decided to give me a free name change :^) Henceforth, I shall be known as Sir Pouncealot, an aspiring Rengar main hoping to get into gold. Thank you, toxic talon.
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