I need psychological help here

There's something about mindset in my elo (silver) that i don't understand. Long story short: Enemy team has ezreal smurf bot that completely wrecks us (i know a smurf when i see one and his game history confirms it ). At the end of the match i tell my team how it is - saw his history, that dude's a smurf or elo booster. Vayne adc flames me like mad. Why? It wasn't a game any of us could have won. I researched the enemy and provided team with information that this is a smurf (not your fault, bro, this was not a fair lane). Yet i get flamed instead as if they were deaf. Why is it that players are so deaf to common logic, even when it's totally in their favour (i can't blame a teammate for losing to a vastly superior player)??? Why is it every time they lose they have "shit team" and never accept that enemy was just better? It's always bad team, never good enemy. What's with these people?

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