afks in ranked

Hello community, I have been experiencing a lot of trouble (especially in ranked) with people who go afk. The best part is, before they leave the game, they most likely feed or flame the entire time. Now I know i'm just a silver player and therefore not a good player at all, but i think I'm definently not the only one experiencing these kind of trouble. I'm for instance on a four game losing streak in ranked because of the afk's and I can't do anything about it. A few games ago I even had two people who left the game after feeding the enemy. I think the punishments for going afk should be far worse than just a ban IF you get reported. But especially because of all the strong picks and builds in the preseason it makes the game less fun and it's far harder to go up in your ranking. I don't know your opinion about this, but I have absolutely no idea what to do about afks, pls help me A silver player with some trouble in ranked
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