6 times in a row 14 days bans

Hello guys , first of all i want to aplogize for my bad english i know my grammar is bad dont judge me much .. lol So few months i decided to see if its easy to get my account pernament banned because people saying that they got pernament ban from noting and they got it super easy. So i jumped on my silver account and i start feeding like really hard 0-30 etc..., saying K-s word , the F word , the N word , and only penalty im getting is 14 days ban... like WT* yesterday i got my 6th 14 days ban ... I'm not trying to offend anybody with that post im just trying to say to the people that are getting pernament ban ( they really deserve it , since im super toxic and im getting only 14 days so they have to be double like that... or they got few 14 days ban and didnt learnd they lesson ) i will keep doing that until i get pernament ban to see how much 14 days bans i will get ^^
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