Kindness begins with you

It was one of those epic grind streaks, when you win one, lose one, win two, lose three, win one then lose one, and so into eternity. That is until, all of that finally contributes to the breakthrough and you enter the holy **promo games**. *insert angelic music* Now, after the epic grind you must naturally recharge your batteries, do something else for a while and clear your mind, or well that goes in my case. Usually I prepare everything that a promo cannot happen without. 1) Tea - number 1 item to counter annoyance caused by making a mistake I wish to facepalm myself for, 1 mistake = 1 sip 2) A fluffy stress ball - You would be amazed how much these actually help at times *squeezing intensifies* 3) A whole lot of patience and tolerance towards flam.. I mean my dearest teammates - (our jngl dies in the enemy jungle, our top ping spams him while the adc says gg report as our jungler gets offended and afks) type of cases 4) Emergency choco bar in case things really start going downhill. Now with everything finally prepared, I decide to queue with an uplifted positive spirit and finally enter the champ select. As 5 seconds pass I think to myself, "this is going well", but alas, then it begins. 5 seconds into the champ select our mid laner writes "uh, guys.. can anyone else play mid, i rly suck at mid pls", which was followed by silence. I would have offered but, did not have any runes ready for mid lane unfortunately. Then, our jungle kindly asked our top laner to pick {{champion:120}} for him, which he did, and in return he said that he wished to play *horror music* {{champion:157}} top. I mean sure yasuo top is known to be a notoriously horrible pick most of the time, but hey there always are those super skilled yasuo mains who just rek everyone late game! But everything was still just fiiiiine, this is just champ select, this game is very unpredictable and team play based, anything can happen! Right? Right? I mean what else could possibly happen that already has not? It can't really get worse. In retrospect I would go back in time and hit myself for saying that, as in the final moments of the champ select hecarim and yasuo forgot to swap \o/ So basically, we have a mid laner how hates mid lane, a ghost smite yasuo and a top hecarim, not to mention these guys did not really have experience on them most probably. But still Heca is a top pick, and Yasuo can jungle so.. It might work? As we have all finished loading, I threw my now broken stress ball out the window and started heading down the lane "this is all fine, this is all still fine" "if we make it to late game wonders can happen, yes indeed, just stay positive" . If i was well versed in memes i would throw in that one gif with that dog sitting in a house on fire saying "this is all just fine". But then, our top laner wrote the following "guys this is my fault, I will stay here and you remake" "I am sorry" . Not to mention we were all baffled and that was completely unexpected, but just the gesture alone, was amazing. People asked him if he was sure, maybe we can still win, but he refused time and time again and said he wished for us to remake. Encountering people like this in league became so rare these days, but tbh that fact that he would do this for complete strangers alone made it all even more memorable and meaningful. I have never once met a person as selfless as this, game wise, who was a complete stranger at that. And thus he left the game and we remade. It got me thinking though, what if the swap error never happened, this guy seemed mostly quiet, and probably throughout the game he would have remained quiet, we would never actually know he was that nice. Maybe he would have done really bad in game and gotten flamed even? I guess I just kinda wanted to give you this experience as a proof that, there always are nice people around us in this game, even if not as loud as the mean minority, they are still there. But mostly in ways you could never have guessed perhaps. Lately, I have had a rough patch in games, encountering more negative things than positive in this game, but this one selfless act really did mean a ton and will mean a lot in the long run. P.S. You should treat your promos same way as any other ranked game to preserve your health and sanity, unlike me {{summoner:31}}

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