League of legends rules foment more toxicity than helps it stop

Frankly it's ridiculous. You're expected not to flame, makes sense, yet you cannot reply back, if you do it's considered flame even when you're right, even when your criticisms are correct. Here's what I told the staff last week about a case and where I discussed rules: -I've recently got chat restricted and the logs are really tame, I don't swear, say %%% or anything of the sort, my criticism is always founded, is this the level for punishment? Worse, is that I've played dozens and dozens of games and in just 2 recent ones i get chat restricted immediately. If you punish players for tame stuff like this it only makes one care less after first infraction because of losing honor rewards and stuff. (and here my reply to a bot) - 6 reports in 20 games is quite low if it means every teammate report you in the same game (and maybe even opponents). Then the bot acts as if the rules are above him and can only give tips to deal with it and not something that can change if necessary because the system is trash. Caring about a game is not flame, criticism is not flame, replying in chat or writing a lot is not flame either. To which they replied: Hey friend, My name is Lola - nice meeting you! Sorry to hear about your chat restriction. I know that sometimes the Summoner's Rift can be far from being all sunshine and rainbows at times. I know, from my personal experience, how it is difficult to keep your head cool during a stressful game or a tense conversation - but self-control is the key! Furthermore, players are allowed to speak their mind, but this doesn't mean that they should do it in a negative manner. Feedback has to be provided in a friendly and constructive manner, especially if you expect the other person to be receptive to what you have to say. I see you were blaming other players for their mistakes and putting them down for their performance while spamming the chat with complaints. Such behavior does not encourage others to do better in the game and only creates a even more negative atmosphere! Toxicity is a loose term that many players think is just a system that catches on to your swearing, but it's a lot more complicated than that. You see - toxicity is negativity in all it's forms, from the early GG's and sarcastic congratulations, incessant whining in chat, harassment or just comments that distract rather than help, flame rather than aid, or telling people to report someone. Keep in mind that it isn't limited just to the things I mentioned here, but this is to give you a better idea of it. On another note, the Honor initiative was created to celebrate and reward positivity/sportsmanship. Players that drop due to punishments must show good behavior in order to earn Hextech Rewards again. Do know that not receiving loot is not a punishment, earning loot is a reward. Here are some guidelines that can help you out with keeping a tilt free attitude in the future: Behavior Worthy of a Champion Teamwork OP The Summoners Code If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know! šŸ’• Kind regards, Lola Starr Player Support Specialist And my reply: Your rules and the fake way companies act are more toxic than anything people say in chat. It's disgusting even, vomit inducing reading the shit you type and you ever dare put hearts. People are feeble weak minded cowards nowadays and it's because of positions taken by companies such as this one. **You're supposed to punish racists, death threats and stuff that crosses the line, people getting uncomfortable with rudeness or straightforwardness have to deal with it. Or at least be %%%%ing decent and enable an option to disable chat. It's not even coherent. ** **Your rules create more toxicity, not stop it. I didn't report players because I didn't care, but since people started reporting me I reported others for minor reasons, truly pettiness. This is the dumb call out culture we live today and Riot is part of it and enabling it. Do you not see this Lola? Do you not see that all this crap is more harmful than good?** Now I got 3 chat logs for a new chat restrict and in all of them my flame is either saying stfu to their flame or replying back with criticism of their plays, I literally just had a botlane that didn't pull me, invaded them lvl 1, died to their jungle, then they blamed me and reported me and i got punished for that. I didn't say a %%%%ing word when they did stupid shit, I stayed quiet, but if they flame me (and in this case they were not even a little bit right) I'm supposed to still say nothing? No, %%%% that, %%%% this %%%%%%ed rules that do nothing to benefit the game, it just creates more toxicity, now that I'm dishonorable for months do you think I'm motivated to not be toxic? I'm not a saint and ignoring a problem does not make it go away. Quite the contrary, maybe next time instead of saying something back and get punished I'll stay quiet and grief or go afk and risk low priority queue, this is why your stupid rules enable even more toxicity.
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