Please help me by flaming me

Title is so that people might type "Toxic %%%%er go to hell and uninstall" rather than downvote immidiately. Please help a brother out and tell me in great detail how this is fair. Background information: I wanted to play Ahri support, midlaner said, "I will go support", I said no "I want supp" He locked in Sion anyway, so I took AP ezreal mid instead and played even, within 5 minutes the Sion who didn't buy any support item during the game at all is 0/3. Even then I fail to see why this is worthy of a 10 game chat restriction (Please note: This is Game 2, but I want to know what amount of toxicity happened here.) (He also actually purposely trolled, and joked about it in chat, he probably got a restriction himself too, but that is besides the point.) Game 2 Pre-Game Khanzax: i want supp Khanzax: they have lux its fine In-Game Khanzax: But now he has no supp item wtdf Khanzax: no supp item is loss Khanzax: why even of Khanzax: offer Khanzax: WTF Khanzax: Game pls Khanzax: and why exactly did you take supp?' Khanzax: No supp item and 3 deaths Khanzax: what a legend Khanzax: You are trolling Khanzax: I couldve played proper support, because i know the role,. you took it and dont evben take a supp item so no monety nor wards Khanzax: report sion stealing supp and then this Khanzax: WTF Khanzax: HITBOXES RIOT Khanzax: Sion im a support player and you stole my role Khanzax: silence. Khanzax: -LP Khanzax: this sion Khanzax: \He steakls Khanzax: Aight have fun Khanzax: Ofcourse? Khanzax: You steal my role and force me to go mid Khanzax: Then u blame me for dying 2 times because you are 0.5 Khanzax: have fun Khanzax: 7/1 Khanzax: ok Khanzax: wp Khanzax: 2/11 botlane Khanzax: Surr Khanzax: Report sion Khanzax: rep sion Post-Game Khanzax: Report sion Khanzax: He steals supp Khanzax: then does this
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