Chat restriction? Seriously?

So, i admit that i got really tilted and flamed a lot yesterday on my first and last game of that day. Why are you asking? Well let me beging. First of all, this season i've counted tens upon hundreds of jungler, that just won't gank, but at the same time will have terrible CS, and not only that, but i also get camped by the enemy jungler. Yesterday after going 1/2, (1 kill was the first blood i got) i asked my jungler for a gank. He didn't respond. After 1 minute i asked again nicely, and over and over again for 6 minutes. Then Mid-Game starts (15:00) minutes and i still have 1 gank, when he just came mid to tax 2 farm from me, with me being 1/3 and still waiting for him to gank. After 40 minutes they started abusing me for "feeding" and flaming. We end up winning and me getting chat restricted. Also i'm an "abuser" to 5% of the league community when i dont even speak in most of the games i play, wow thanks Riot
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