If LoL was football - would you keep on muting?

Imagine you have a football education, you are fit and you try to win games and you are part of a team like: 1 player doesn´t understand which goal is ours. When you explain him he gets raging and threats to report you, and you know the report system is hilarious, so you stop telling teammates like that where our goal is - and he keeps shooting at our own goal, even insulting you when you take the ball from him and run on the other teams goal. Possibility of a personality disorder, so you better mute him and just try to play around him, never to pass the ball to him. 2 players both forgot their shoes, and one is blaming the other of who had to bring the shoes, one of them leaves the football pitch, while the other is trying to help you, but without shoes he just isn´t as good as a football player can be and frustrated keeps saying "I will troll this game". After some minutes of a mix of helping and intentionally shooting the ball out to the wheat fields nearby at the same time, he suddenly leaves the field telling he wants you to "chill, it was all just for fun and he has to leave because his mum doesn´t allow him to play football after 5 p.m." 1 player is 90% blind and you knew it from the start, but as you are a nice person and tolerate diversity you have absolutely nothing against him being in the team. Dude left the football pitch and is farming the wheat fields nearby. When you ask him why he doesn´t join the team he says "shut up", and sometimes you hear him asking "why no help". He forgot where the game is happening or that he was supposed to be with the team, orhe just doesn´t see theres a game going on. Poor blind dude is farming until the game is all over. And the last player is you. You go carry these games. (And by the way: you have been reported by all of your team members for harassment and unsportive behaviour - that´s why you are banned for the next 5 games). Try to win and don´t get frustrated. In some games 3 players are on the field and you win. But the main question is: how long do you tolerate this while the referee is keeping giving you yellow cards. Ain´t it "idiocy" if you keep doing the same over and over and expect different results? How often can you hold back the frustration of being part of this kind of team? You decide to stay. Every once in a while you get something between sad, mad, ironic, sarcastic, desperate, angry and violent. After a while you are permabanned from the football association. The other players, they reported you for your behaviour - remain.
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