SOLO Laning in CO-OP

This is a weird trend to join a CO-OP game and ask for a solo lane. It is like practically telling 1 of the rest 4 players to go jungle and if he can't/don't want to do that, he can go AFK, our pro solo laner doesn't care. In my recent game, I got 2 such pros. So they reserve top and bot lanes for themselves shoving 3 people into mid lane. Best thing about these people is, if you go jungle, your creepy shadow must not reflect on their holy lanes or you are treated with report threats and ping-storms. So, while a person is incapable of teamwork, won't it be better to just go in custom mode and brutally slay 5 bots on their own? But sure that won't show-off the superiority over the other 4 noobs. Now with all the game tilt and frustration these players cause, yet this act is not punishable as demanding a solo lane for 2 players even though those are supposed to be duo lanes, telling other people what to do, or what not to do (like get out of my lane, I called solo) again not punishable of course, so how exactly you will suggest to survive such situations.
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